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"de-globalisation" ? really ?

at Davos, Loic Tassel, president for Europe of Procter & Gamble said Globalisation is "temporarily pausing".

it's easy to take for granted just how much we actually co-operate despite current affairs.

IMHO even the great Yuval Noah Harari took it for granted. yes he pointing out homo sapiens co-operation was the primary reason we dominate earth. but the focus was on "why"

the abstract concepts like money, or religion which allow us to co-operate...

shared beliefs + values = co-operation.

the depth of co-operation wasn't explored

just one example...

  • you can get a complete stranger to ;

  • arrive at my home and take me to the airport

  • another to check me in

  • more to load my luggage, serve me a meal, fly the plane... and that's before counting the strangers which allowed me to book the uber and flight with a phone

  • the people who assembled that phone

  • the guys who designed the chips inside it the guys who riveted the wings of the plane.... or cabled it with miles of electrical wiring made in another factory using equipment built by thousands of strangers.

  • or the strangers who coded the payment software

  • or the radio engineers who figured out how I could tap that phone (or before that a credit card) to make a payment for the hotel 5,000 miles from my home.

  • the strangers on landing who unload my luggage

  • the strangers who built the conveyor belt it appears on

  • the strangers who made my luggage

  • the stranger who takes me to my to the hotel

  • the strangers who built the roads he drives on

I could go on, but you get the picture.

the amount of global co-operation is insane. off the charts. beyond comprehension let alone quantifying.

however uncertain times may seem, there's an incredible underlying amount of co-operation across the globe.

just thinkin.

ulitmately... in the long run... I'm with Stephen Pinker and the "better angels of our nature"


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