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Darwin and democracy

there's a reason democracies will prevail... and it's Darwinian.

call it the "Darwinian theory of democracy" if you like.

the engine of Darwinism is mutation.

the first born with an opposable thumb was a freak of nature.

the more mutations generated, the higher the probability of a good one that survives.

the equivalent of mutations in government are new ideas.

democracies are less prone to failure than autocracies and dictatorships because dissent isn't suppressed. democracies generate and debate more new ideas.

democracy engenders more disagreements.

democracy is messy. slower at making decisions than autocracies..

but also more tolerant of opposing ideas... the best of which survive.

democracies evolve (and yes, they need to) faster than autocracies

that's why democracy prevails.

so long as we vote for it.

just thinkin.

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