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no excuse - he told us

it's not as if donald has been shy about what he'll enact if he returns to power.

they're comprehensively expanded upon by the Heritage Foundation - a think tank. Here's their extraordinary Project 2025 document

consider it a blueprint for enabling the donald to do those things he couldn't legally do last time.

yes, there's some bullshit like "dismantle the administrative state and restore self-governance to the American people."...

but if democrats truly believe in democracy, they must accept this may be the blueprint for government that US citizens want.

of course you can blame the electoral system - its primaries, electoral college...

...or blame the system of government with its political appointment of judges and executive. there's certainly been plenty of bitching about both over the years.

especially since donald came to power.

but what change has been made ? what legislation ?

is donald actually only re-enforcing the existing systemic short-comings of US government and then shamelessly extending his powers?

donald and Project 2025 lays out exactly how government will change.

without a persuasive counter-argument the US will become an authoritarian state.

it won't be because donald didn't tell us.

it'll be because in the four years since donald left the white house... nothing was done to change a system that suited both Republicans and Democrats. but not US citizens.

just thinkin.



At least it's a manifesto.

scorched earth on justice dep't, FBI etc.

a race against time


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