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dissent = freedom

just thinkin' about what kind of "freedom" Hamas is fighting for.

you'd be forgiven for thinking this headline was published by Iran's mainstream media.

it was in yesterdays Israeli national newspaper Haaretz.

dissent in Israel has consistently frustrated autocratic ambitions.

2023 saw weekly protests over Netanyahus attempts to subvert democracy ...

the protests were supported by dissent from Israels supreme court this year.

in under four years Netanyahu's been forced into five general elections - just scraping enough votes to form a coalition.

we know little of any dissent in Gaza.

in 2018 Human Rights Watch released a 149-page report entitled...

since overthrowing Fatah in 2007's "battle for Gaza" and culminating in 7/10, Hamas have not been shy about their ambitions.

"Israel is a security, military, political catastrophe for the Arab and Islamic nation and must be finished." Ghazi Hamad, Hamas.

which "Islamic Nation" ? the Islamic nation of Iraq and Syria ?

is there a difference between the ambitions of Hamas and Isis ?

whilst dissent in Israel has joined the dots and protests autocracy...

there can be no dissent in Gaza.

questions, questions :

what "freedom" is Hamas fighting for ?

are the democratic values which hold citizens as sovereign the real target of Hamas, their sponsors and autocratic allies ?

are Hamas attacking Israel or the democratic values which compells it to embrace dissent ? Or both ?

should "from the river to the sea" protestors be more concerned with their right to protest ?

are pro Palestinian supporters being hoodwinked into protesting for the caliphate ISIS dreamed of

Hamad said "we are willing to pay the price". does we mean the leadership or the citizens whose freedom they're fighting for.

just thinkin.



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