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Wales United V. World

never have politics been more divided across the world.

or trust in politicians lower in the UK.

Mike Clemence, co-author of the Ipsos' December 2023 report on veracity said :

Trust in politicians has fallen below previous lowest score, recorded after the 2009 expenses crisis,

today, 9% of the public trust politicians to be truthful. the lowest score of all the 31 professions polled and lowest score for politicians since IPSOS began measuring in 1983.

but in Wales, politicians are united on legislation to re-build trust in politics.

Section 64 of the "Elections & Elected Bodies Bill" will basically give members of the Senedd (Wales's parliament) a choice when it comes to integrity...

if you make a misleading statement apologise within 14 days or argue the facts in court.

the collaboration between parties trying to get it onto the statute books is remarkable.

the Senedd is working on finalising the wording, but Adam Price MS for Carmarthen East and Dinefwr since 2016 and one of the prime movers behind section 64 said,

“when it comes to democratic fundamentals I like to think the Senedd is united."

how many parliaments around the world can say that ?

just thinkin.



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