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post-Trump cock-up #1 ?

1. we know part of the electorate believe the election was stolen

2. we’ve seen ;

  • Trump & Co shout stolen election

  • a riot at the capitol

  • bans from social media

  • voting equipment manufacturers sue for defamation

  • lawsuits dismissed for lack of evidence

  • Jan 6th hearings

  • prosecutions of rioters

3. yet part of the electorate still doesn't trust the voting system.

why haven't we seen ;

  • committee review and findings on the voting system

  • legislation to address any deficiencies found

  • attempts to restore faith in the voting system

4. without trust in election results, Trump can (and will) always claim he's the champion of democracy for the people.

is the media and post-Donald gov missing the point ?

just thinkin.


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