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Hamas not the IRA

"the British didn’t decide to say let’s drop a 2,000lb bomb on the Falls Road." Kharim Khan, ICC

it's not the first time comparisons between Hamas and the IRA have been made.

they're normally in the context of the ability to make peace with your enemies, or how a terrorists can renounce violence and become politicians.

but is comparing Britain's response to terrorist acts accurate ?

Britain wasn't facing and enemy whose charter called for its destruction.

how would Britain have reacted had the IRA commited a 7/10 ?

the IRA telephoned a warning before any bombings in a nod to civility.

Karim Khan of the ICC has heavyweight experience under his belt, and to be sure, no-ones coming to the current situation with clean hands ...

but is Khans' framing of the point a false equivalence...

“There were attempts to kill Margaret Thatcher, Airey Neave was blown up, Lord Mountbatten was blown up, there was the Enniskillen attack, we had kneecappings … But the British didn’t decide to say, ‘Well, on the Falls Road [the heart of Catholic Belfast] there undoubtedly may be some IRA members and Republican sympathisers, so therefore let’s drop a 2,000lb bomb on the Falls Road.’ You can’t do that." Kharim Khan

just thinkin.

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